初妆 dressupstart 银饰品
初妆 dressupstart 银饰品


1- 在潮湿的空气中能加速银的氧化变黑,所以切勿接近温泉和海水,我们在泡温泉或游泳时要摘下银饰品放到干燥的位置。
2- 化妆品也易使银氧化变黑,建议您梳妆打扮后再佩戴银饰品。
3- 自来水、洗衣粉对银有严重的腐蚀作用,所以在洗澡、洗衣服时建议您不要佩戴银饰品。
4- 银溶于酸,例如盐酸、硝酸等,在佩戴时要注意避免沾在酸性物质。
5- 有些人的汗液偏酸性也容易使银变黑,出汗过多时请用软布擦拭干净。
6- DRESSUPSTART品牌女款基础项链多为精巧纤细型,为使产品更加美观亮丽,佩戴持久,建议佩戴时不要搭配过大、过重的吊坠。
1- 每天佩戴完后取下用软布擦拭银饰表面,以保持光泽。
2- 平时不佩戴时,用小塑料袋密封保存,隔绝空气减少氧气,以保持饰品常新。
3- 如遇氧化可用牙膏清洗,挤一点牙膏揉出丰富泡沫后直接涂抹在银饰上擦拭,遇到有缝的银饰要有软毛刷轻轻刷洗,然后用清水冲洗干净再用吹风机吹干。
4- 镶嵌宝石类、做旧类和镀白类饰品不能用牙刷直接刷洗,以免损伤宝石及饰品表面,只可用软布擦拭。
5- 您购买的手工设计珠串类产品,为了保证您的佩戴效果,建议您佩戴一段时间内,携购物小票到店享受皮筋免费更换的服务。
6- 如您在佩戴中遇到此类问题可送到DRESSUPSTART店面,我们会更好的为您服务!


Silver jewelry maintenance requirements
Wear the matters needing attention
One-Oxidation in the humid air can accelerate the silver black, so do not close to the hot springs and the water, we must remove silver jewelry in a dry place at a spa or swimming.
Two-Cosmetics is also easy to make silver black oxide, silver jewelry to wear that you get slicked up after.
Three-Tap water, washing powder has severe corrosion effect of silver, so take a shower, wash clothes you don’t wear silver jewelry.
Four-Silver is dissolved in acid, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, worn to dip in the acidic substances.
Five-Some people sweat acidity is also easy to make silver black, excessive sweating please wipe clean with a soft cloth.
Six-DRESSUPSTART brand female models based necklace of delicate slender type, in order to make the product more beautiful, durable wear, wear don’t mix too large, heavy pendants.

Silver basic maintenance method
One-Every day after wearing down with a soft cloth to wipe the silver surface, to keep luster.
Two-Do not wear, using a small plastic bag sealed, isolated from the air to reduce oxygen, to keep jewelry often new.
Three-In case of oxidation can be used toothpaste cleaning, squeeze a little toothpaste knead a rich foam directly after the smear wipe in silver, silver must have met with a soft bristle brush gently scrub, then rinse with water re-use hair dryer dry.
Four-Inlaid precious stones, to do the old class and plated jewelry can not be directly brushing with a toothbrush, so as not to damage the gem and jewelry surface, only available soft cloth.
Five-You buy the manual design beads products, in order to ensure you wear effect, suggest you wear a period of time, and to shop to enjoy band free replacement service shop small bill.
Six-If you wear such problems encountered in can be sent to the DRESSUPSTART store, we will be better service for you!